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Sadness knows my name.

Sorrow is proof that I have been given life. And life offers a chance to find love in all its myriad forms. For the love we find is what free us from sorrow.

Life is fille with little prayers. A journey in search of love and a reason of our existences…

I exist.

Neither as a shield nor as a weapon of war. I will be the sword to slice away all your sadness.

I must not be afraid. I must not fear though the gods that sleep within me should engulf me in flames.

I well never let you see me tremble in fear.

I will be the sword… to slice away all your sadness.

(Source: yinriench)


Anonymous asked:

could you source the art you submit? It's very rude amd awful not to do that and you should ask premission to the artist too

Wow, calm down anon, and check your eyes, cuz everything I posted has the link to its proper author. When I had a pc I even put the link on the posts themselves but sadly I only have my phone now.
Don’t go calling people rude and awful, that’s rude too.

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